Keep Halloween Safe and Not Scary for Food Allergy

ALEIA Project had a great time at the Peace in Christ Trunk or Treat in Hermantown, Minnesota passing out a lot of non-food trinkets! Halloween can be a hard social holiday for those with food allergy.

Here are some tips for staying safe on Halloween:

  1. Read the Label Every Time. Avoid treats that don’t have an ingredient label – even if it’s a familiar treat.
  2. Always carry TWO (2) Epinehphrine Auto-Injectors.
  3. Eat treats AFTER trick-or-treating
  4. Focus on fun, not treats
  5. Sort candy with the kids and look at labels
  6. Consider swapping unsafe candy or treats with safe treats
  7. Start a new tradition with the “Switch Witch” – leave treats for the witch at bedtime and swap them with safe treats or toys
  8. Look for homes in your community that are on the safe treat list at Add your home to the list!

Ideas for fun, safe Halloween trinkets:

  1. Fun holiday pencils, erasers, stickers, tatoos, mini notebooks
  2. Mini toys such as skateboards, super hero figures, dolls
  3. Collector cards
  4. Bracelets, headbands, glow necklaces, glow sticks, glow rings